Will Alexis Sanchez stay at Arsenal or be sold in July?

From David McConachie : Sanchez

Happy New Year Myles… hope you are well.

Agree with your Sanchez piece and wouldn’t be surprised if he left.

What is also evident is two or three times he has been seen crouching in the centre circle seemingly contemplating life. Saw him do it at Bournemouth and City.

While it’s a worry and probably genuine, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was also an attempt to show the board that he’s on the brink i.e pay me that 250k or I’m off.

Personally,I doubt he’ll go anywhere and will sign a new contract somewhere in between the 250k and AFC’s first offer.

Myles says:

He’s an instinctive competitor, so I doubt if Alexis Sanchez would think about the board during a match.

If he had more help, he wouldn’t feel so weary in those moments.

Clearly, Sanchez should be paid more than Ozil.