Will it be an Ajax-Barcelona final? Or Tottenham v Liverpool?

Or could it be  Liverpool v Ajax?

I think Klopperpool would win that final.

And it would be the most exciting Champions League Final of the last 19 years. Why? Because both teams would go for it.

Tonight is a big chance for this superb Ajax side because four or five players will be sold for big money this summer. The deals are already in place.

Skipper Matthijs de Ligt  is the best 19-year-old centreback of the 21st century.

The main strength of Ajax is how astutely the club is run by savvy ex-players like 48-year-old Chief Executive Edwin van der Saar and Director of Football Marc Overmars, who have won big trophies with top clubs and played in World Cups.

How many Chief Executives have 130 caps?

Late last night, writing this, I thought : Tottenham Hotspur v Ajax in the semi-final of the European Champions League? Bring it on! I can’t remember the last time I looked forward to a game so much

What’s the first thing I see on Sky Sports News this morning?

My favourite manager saying, “I am living my dream, I am already living it – to be in the semi-final with Tottenham. It was a dream five years ago and we are living it. Always you must dream with the moon if you want to get something from the sky. You need to set your dreams to infinity and beyond. If you achieve things it is because you dream. When you dream you have it in your mind and then you can get it.”

Pochettino believes that competing with Europe’s biggest clubs while building a £1 billion stadium is something no club has ever done until now.

I agree with that 100%.

What about tonight’s first leg?

Without Kane and Son, can Spurs beat Ajax?

It’s a big ask. But if Tottenham play to their full potential they might win 1-0 tonight.

They are facing two high-pressure games against an inventive side with very slick teamwork and a lot of confidence in their style of play. Ajax are exceptional because of their fearlessness and the number of creative players who can find your run with a pass that’s often disguised. Little midfielder Hakim Ziyech can do that and so can Frankie De Jong and Donny van de Beck.

Dusan Tadic, the former Southampton star, can see runs and score and win games. One helluva player.

Ajax have a lot of automatic, as Spurs also do.

Myself, I love this time of year because London’s vegetation is suddenly fresh and bright green and it’s the end of the  season and the awards are announced, the league tables are almost complete, the trophies are polished and ready to be handed out and football’s most gifted teams are writing new chapters in sporting history.

I know what you’re gonna say: semi-finals are always decided by the second leg…..

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