Will Kroenke allow Wenger to appoint Arteta as next manager under him?

My nightmare?

That Wenger goes….but also stays.

And continues to runĀ  the show, if you can call the current “team” a show.

Arteta has never managed.

So why has the former Arsenal midfielder even been mentioned? Where did that idea, that story, come from?

Arteta, a nice guy, was Roberto Martinez’s No.2 at Everton.

On Sunday, Wenger treated Forest with contempt by fielding the rabble he took to Nottingham, and by choosing the bench he named.

Mertesacker should NOT have played in that match. He’s far too old and slow. That choice was a colossal blunder by your delusional manager.

Nottingham Forest were far superior to Arsenal and won 4-2. Why? Because of Wenger’s kamikaze team selection.

He picked the wrong team and the wrong bench!

He made nine changes to their normal eleven. And got knocked out of the FA Cup by a bunch of kids.

After such shocking managerial misjudgements, and such a pitiful performance, most Premier League clubs would have sacked Wenger on Monday.

But Stan Kroenke won’t do that because Wenger is a massive media star who controls a big business with his high visibility and refusal to share the glory.

Inexplicably, the bourgeois EPL-era supporters just accept Arsenal’s flawed football at high prices.