Will the Premier League’s mega TV money create a more level Top 6?

From Martin:

Morning Myles

Noticed that BT have purchased rights for Champions League for £1.2 Billion.

This is in addition to the mega Premier League deals Sky and BT have recently purchased.

When you add in stadiums, rich owners and huge commercials, the Premier League is awash with money

The very best players will go to Chelsea, Man City, Man United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham and as there will be a lot of good footballers still available, the rest of the league has the financial clout to attract them.

This makes for a blend that has not been seen before, where there will be no top stand out team, a Liverpool of the 80’s. the all conquering United teams, and even Arsenal making it a head to head with United for a sustained period.

All the top teams mentioned will be able to attract top players and that dilutes that top talent and reduces ability for any to dominate no matter their overall wealth.

Look at United, a commercial juggernaut with their history and far-reaching appeal, and who have spent multi millions in recent seasons and have pretty much stood still in the process as those around them have improved, or at least stood still.

In recent past United would have by wealth and investment alone been top of pile again, as it is, their best player is on his final curtain tour and the squad overall is far from elite, and so more investment will be needed, but again, at time everyone else has resources to keep deep squads.

A fan’s expectation should be to compete now, as it will be increasingly fine margins to be the team that becomes Champions, such as Conte instilling his methods and drive to bring best from Chelsea players this season

Feel a little sorry for Spurs, their best team since 60’s and under circumstance of recent past, could do an ‘Arsenal’ but do feel the competitive nature of top teams and league in general will now minimise everyone window of success

The stadium for Arsenal been nullified as any advantage, and the Spurs stadium and Chelsea’s increase of capacity will give no advantage. Stadiums are now just part of the financial bundle.

It’s a strange one. Does it dilute the quality of the league, as you see the top teams sometimes struggle, as the quality gap is closer?

We have got used to teams having superlatives thrown at them, as they had the elite talent and obviously stood apart, but are the inconsistencies of Arsenal, Liverpool, United and City actually the new normal coming?

This season Chelsea have struck the right balance and do stand out, and Spurs too in recent league games, and reason is the fine margins. They have harmony and team spirit that others are seeking, or have lost!

As in Arsenal, where the fine margin would be changing the playing culture. IE: Allegri.

Managers are more important than ever, super rich footballers, huge egos, detached from the man in the street more than ever, the dressing room has all the power now, unless the players buy into the manager and finds a love for the game beyond the money.

More musings, Myles.

It’s a strange time coming of increasing parity and it will make for a great league in coming years.

Myles says:

The difference between the cultures of Cobham and Colney is huge,vast, gigantic…..interplanetary.

Chelsea players are accountable to the coach. And each other.

That’s why Chelsea never lose 5-1 and 5-1 in the Champions League.

Max Allegri would make Colney much more like Cobham.

It’s time for Wenger to leave and for Arsenal to go Italian.