Without Alexis Sanchez, Arsenal would be 9th

Arsenal’s 37th game was against Sunderland, who had just been relegated.

Thousands of season-ticket holders didn’t turn up, so the Emirates Stadium was half full.

But Wenger said it was sold out!

He’s missed the point.

Not only do people NOT want to see his team. But people who have already paid have decided NOT TO GO to the match. Wow!

Their absence was the main news, not a couple of late goals against a relegated side who always lose at Arsenal anyway.

But Wenger’s audacity exceeds that of any British politician.

He said the game was “sold out”!!!

But there were at least 20,000 empty seats! You’ve been rejected, Arsene, by a huge percentage of season ticket holders!  Lifelong fans have had enough They’ve given up on you and your methods and your squad. They’re not interested any more.

Loads of Gooners have been in despair for a long time.

Now they’re paying not to watch.

On Tuesday night, Arsenal were abysmal for an hour and Giroud was useless.

Ozil got annoyed, which was good. But he could have picked up two yellow cards in a few minutes.

Then Alexis Sanchez scored two excellent goals in 72 and 87 and won the game.

This stagnating club do not deserve Sanchez, who has realised that the present regime is incapable of building a competitive team round him.The ambition just isn’t there.

As you all know, Kroenke’s business model is profitable mediocrity.

And King Wenger, the sultan of spin, is the ideal manager for Kroenke’s business model.

Without Sanchez, Arsenal would be 9th in the table.

When Chelsea romp to victory in the FA Cup Final, he will leave.