Working for Stan Kroenke, King Wenger is not in the results business

He still wants to sign Lemar, another tiny Frenchman.

If that happens, your football club is still Wenger’s train-set.

He wants to see skilful pass-and-move every morning and he still wants to develop young players and sell them for big money, and make the profits that pay his £11m salary.

The man who gave you The Invincibles, as well as Amaury Bischoff,  is a scary individual who has accumulated more power than Sir Alex Ferguson ever had at Manchester United.

One summer morning many years ago MD Keith Edelman breezed Wenger’s office and apparently said, “What players can we sell to make some cash?”

That was a serious mistake by Edelman.

I heard that Wenger just exploded. He shouted, “Get out of my fucking office and never come back in here!” Or words that effect.

His temper is volcanic. When Wenger had a row with Gazidis at Highbury House a few years ago, young female staff in neighbouring offices were terrified.

What about this summer?

In football, the future is unknown. We cannot know it and should not try to guess it. We just have to wait weeks and months and even more months.

Why do we have to wait?

Because King Wenger is not in the results business like other managers.  He’s said, “There’s nobody in this country with the authority to sack me.”

Silent billionaire Stan Kroenke doesn’t know or care that Arsenal have lost five away games in a row.

He acquired Arsenal because it’s in London, a rich capital city full of affluent punters and tourists.

PS. Did you see Newcastle 2 Arsenal 1?

I watched that game and wrote 341 words on it before I typed the paragraphs above. But the Newcastle farce already feels like it was three days ago and by 5p.m. it will feel like last week.