ANR replies : Yanks & Aussies love Martin Tyler

From Jeffrey Knight : Martin Tyler
He’s been doing play by play for ESPN here in the States.  He is the best.

From : Keith Roberts
Simply put, if one man can make football a top game in the USA, then Martin Tyler could be that man.
ESPN did their homework and gave American TV audiences a rare treat – insightful, understated commentary that bristled with nuggets of real time info, such that fellow commentator Efan Ekoku fed off, and gave creditable and knowledgeable support.
USA commentary of football games will never be the same again.

From Chris Carwile : World Cup commentators
The best decision ESPN made in its coverage of the World Cup was to get respected British commentators for the games.   I don’t think I could have tolerated another major football tournament having to listen to the likes of JP Dellacamera, John Harkes and Alexi Lalas.   For better or worse, the British announcers seem to have lent an air of credibility to the games here in the States that wasn’t there before.   Also, they call the matches in a much more exciting way.

From Dan in Australia

Since Martin Tyler signed for ESPN, we have only got him for England games. A great shame.

From Terry Rowles : Martin Tyler & co
We have been unbelievably fortunate to have Martin Tyler or Ian Darke commentating over here in the US for ESPN. In fact we have the whole Keys, Gray, Tyler team making programming in between games.
What a major improvement on previous ex-players making a pigs ear of explaining rules etc. Our gain is your loss.
PS Have you seen the show “I scored a goal”? It  is about many of the players who scored in the World Cup finals, my favorite tv show, possibly of all time. Zidane was missing but most others were present. It brought lifetime of finals back to life and brought a tear to my eye as only great football moments can.
Keep up the good work!

From   Michael Hormoz in Australia: Martin Tyler

He still does a bit of work for SBS here and there. He did a bit of reporting for this 2010 World Cup for SBS.
Here in Australia, I am amazed that he is connected to SBS. We are proud to have him commentating and speaking about any form of soccer. He is a man with a great voice and knowledge!

From Paul Davis : Martin Tyler
Great football man, Martin Tyler, unlike you.
I had a Skype chat with my mate in OZ, prior to the England v Germany game. I was jealous when he told me the commentator was Martin Tyler.
Sometimes, I see your alternative views on Arsenal, sometimes I don’t!
Keep it up though, you’re not all bad!

From Tony Manero : Martin Tyler

By far, the biggest improvement that ESPN here is the US has made for this year’s World Cup has been Martin Tyler.
Having Martin do the “big” games has been night and day from the “soccerball” announcers we had in 94, 98, 02 and 2006. On top of that, having Steve McManaman, Roberto Martinez, and Ruud Gullit as studio hosts has made ESPN top notch.
Just an FYI, Tyler and Ian Darke have already signed contracts to do the 2014 WC for ESPN U.S. as well.
England’s loss….is our gain.