ANR reply from Adrian Jones : It’s harder than people think


Your last comment “It’s harder than people think” regarding Champions League football, and remaining competitive in the EPL week in week out, struck me.

You are always banging on about how Wenger thinks that given the club’s circumstances, third place is like a trophy. Well, I obviously want to win trophies (not every single year as that isn’t as rewarding to me) there’s nothing better than an absence and then you finally get it right and winning the league.

My point: It is difficult, as you rightly point out. With the financial restrictions that have been in play over the last five years, it’s amazing that we have been top four each season. Of course we all want better.

However, the long-term security of Arsenal Football Club is being guaranteed by this manager and executive team (I do miss Dein) and we will look back on this era, as we often have to Chapman’s, and say what a visionary Wenger was, what a smart, sensible and great custodian of this storied club of ours.

It couldn’t be done any better than it is now… you may think my glasses are rose-tinted, I don’t think they are. I know Wenger et al are far from perfect, but I’d rather make mistakes with them than anyone else!

Keep up the good work.




Myles replies :

It’s true that AW has done things at Arsenal that nobody else on this planet could have done.

He has not won a trophy at the Emirates.

But he wants to be there forever. Why should he leave Arsene FC ?

PS. Late last night I put up a piece about a suddenly popular new website.