ANR reply from Alex Marc : A dictatorship should at least be consistent!

Football is an unreasonable passion which leads fans to have unrealistic expectations and be extremely shortsighted.

For quite some time I thought that the growing discontent about Wenger’s actions or lack thereof was misplaced.

We all had to do justice to the miracle he pulled out of the hat with no money, a new stadium and regular Champions League football.

We even accepted a regime turning into an unmitigated dictatorship.

It had to be WENGER’S WAY or NO WAY!

That means:

1) we keep buying young unknown players and give them chances after chances even when they perform well below par! We buy a lot of them and we pile-in one of the biggest squad ever assembled with a lot of mediocre players or players to be discovered!

2) we do not bring in established talent because we do not want to discourage the huge squad described in 1). Remember that Wenger thought that bringing in Xavi Alonso would have “killed” Diaby!

3) every year Wenger claims that his young players have improved and that they will undoubtedly deliver trophies.
“Judge me at the end of the season” does the professor say!

4) at the end of the season we hear that we need to improve another notch and we will act fast on bringing the necessary reinforcement.

5) especially after last year horrendous run of the last 5 games the Professor (word for word) admitted that the squad really needs improvement and that was best addressed fast because it would be irresponsible to wait for after the world cup…and so he went as a commentator for TF1…where he does a very uninspiring job by the way!

6) we are back at the beginning of a season with 1) and 2) and 3) in their full splendor!

One caveat though: the SPA TREATMENT that we offer our youngsters is denied to Manu Almunia. The guy knows he is on his last hour, has to put on a good show while being insulted left right and center by the fans, while his boss claims he had a good game and at the same time is trying to short change a serie of clubs for their own better keepers during the first days of a long season.

No wonder we get told to get lost! No wonder are transfers becoming more and more difficult if you wait for the last few days and always start the negotiation with an insulting first shot!

And what happens behind this already insulting smokescreen, the only signing we do is of the main culprit. Wenger who used to symbolically extend his contract by one year on the base of mutual trust is suddenly going for a 3 year extension.

YOU TOLD ME TO LOWER MY EXPECTATIONS AND I HAVE…I reluctantly did but I really did!

Even with lower expectations, holes between the posts, in defence as well as in defensive midfield, with a season already under way are an insult!

That Nasri gets injured is part of the day to day, that Arsene tries to fake his way through with Almunia and does not send Fabianski somewhere else to maybe rebuild what is left of his career is under all possible angles an INSULT.

The professor is not only a radical dictator, he becomes completely inconsistent and delusional.

Not that it should bother you or any Arsenal fan or followers, but I have decided that without the above mentioned gaps being properly and efficiently filled before the end of the transfer window, I will write-off the entire season. Maybe I’ll check-in quickly in January and if things have not gone pear-shaped until then who knows…

In all this the most worried person is my wife and that for 2 reasons:

1) she is concerned I will not find the right words to explain this to a soon to be 8 year old son who has taken Arsenal as an important part of his life!

and more importantly…

2) I will be pestering her way too much with ridiculous plans given all the free time I will suddenly have by not following the Arsenal.

How do you still (somehow cynically) follow the team with the current regime?

I will focus on neutral games in the Bundesliga and La Liga for the sheer joy of the game of football…how does that sound?

All the best




Myles replies:

I have a list too.

It’s a long list of  all the things I don’t like about Arsenal right now.

Like you, I will watch La Liga, which I have done since 1997-98. I think the year before was Bobby Robson’s first at Barcelona and Capello’s first at Real Madrid.

Barca scored more goals, Ronaldo was electrifying and scored 34,  but Real Madrid got two more points. It was the season when Deportrivo had Rivaldo whose 21 goals pur Deportivo third in 1997. Ronaldo went to Inter, Rivaldo was sold to Barcelona, and Deportivo got little Djalminha, who was sent off at Highbury when the score was 2-1 and then Arsenal won 5-2. Creative player. But temperamental.

Yes, I watch other sports. I watched Andy Murray last night and I watched him beat Nadal in Toronto, then Federer in the final. I love sport. Shame there are no boxers. There’s nobody around who can box, so I lost interest years ago. Saw a few Floyd Mayweather fights, that was about it.

Football is the only sport that matters, the most important unimportant activity in the world, the opium of the masses in a world run for the rich by the rich, controlled by corporations who are far more scary than any government. Every person who is talking about Cesc Fabregas is someone who isn’t talking about rip-off bankers, the Coalition government we didn’t vote for, the war in Afghanistan that was lost five years ago, that is a criminal waste of blood and treasure.

How do I still write about a team with the current regime?

By enjoying other teams, who keep my spirits up.

By watching Roy Hodgson improve Liverpool day by day. I go from day to day, making it up as I go along.

I always have Arsenal pieces in my head that are unwritten, and written pieces that are unpublished. I chew them over and forget them, or put up 30% of the piece.

Have a great weekend !

ANR reply from Alex : Arsenal future is fab

Hi Myles,

I’m finding it hard to get off your site today.

You are publishing a lot of good articles that readers have sent in, and I want to voice my opinion too, regardless of whether or not I get ‘airtime’. The main issue now has turned back to Fabregas, and his future.

I honestly question whether now is the best time for Fabregas to leave.

Would he get into the Barca starting line-up this year? I think the WC showed that there is no room for Fabregas in the Barcelona starting line unless Xavi, Busquets or Iniesta get injured. It seems highly unlikely that they will voluntarily brush Xavi aside to make room for Cesc, regardless of whether or not he is a superior player.

My Spurs friend agrees that he would unlikely start for Barcelona on a regular basis during 2010-2011 season if he goes, but says he will get ‘molded’ into the role. Xavi isn’t getting younger, and they will need a replacement. But what’s the point? Fabregas doesn’t need a year to ‘mould’ into the squad. He could start today if given the opportunity. I fear that a year of ‘moulding’ would only serve to diminish his potential.

Cesc wants silverware. Desperate to be on a winning team. He is 23 and has a European Cup and a World Cup under his belt. Plenty more opportunities will come. Are we ready to completely right Arsenal off winning anything this season? As an Arsenal fan, I fear my answer to that is unquestionably biased. But if Fabregas believes he will start at Barcelona, and that Arsenal cannot win anything, then he should go. I just think he is wrong. Of course at some point he should go – I wish that upon him. Just not now…

On a separate note, I’m interested to see how some of our players perform this year.

Walcott was left behind, but may be somewhat relieved by the fact that England did not put together a winning squad. Nasri may be of similar mind. Arshavin too has had a summer off, and appearing on the God-awful James Corden show maybe shows that he is settling in to UK-life. Vermaelen will be fresh too. Who knows?



 Myles replies :

I’m interested to see how Arshavin and Nasri perform, especially. If they have a proper goalkeeper behind them, then every goal they create or score will mean something. You would hope so, anyway.

I’m waiting for AW to buy a goalkeeper. Long needed !!! Almunia wasn’t involved at Barnet, which signals something. Almunia was never dropped. He was always ill or injured.  Lehmann was dropped.