ANR reply from Gerald Robinson : the truth about Spain

How refreshing to read that some followers of this site have noticed the ridiculous Spain love-in that prevailed throughout the World Cup.

Fact is: just about everybody wanted the Spanish to win and that is the precise reason why they were eventually crowned champions. Not because they were the best team.

I sensed by Round Three of the group games that there was something fishy going on – when I heard that Spain had yet to pick up a yellow card. Instead of lauding the Spanish fair play (which is non-existent, people should have been asking why were their fouls not being punished? They had the goodwill of the officials, the public at large, the media and FIFA  and this combined mass hysteria ultimately culminated in a historic World Cup success.

I knew before the knockout stage commenced that Spain would win for this reason. It may not have been a conspiracy but it was next best thing!

Capdevila took Ronaldo out of it with a heinous bodycheck on the edge of the box as the Portuguese chested the ball down – no action. Sergio Ramos was the usual Sergio Ramos – no action. Puyol should have been sent off in the final – no action. Iniesta should have been sent off in the final (diving, retaliation, diving, exaggerating, removing shirt) – one yellow. German had a clear penalty at the end of the first half – no action.

In the final, Webb at one stage opted to bring play back to award Spain a dangerous free on the edge of the box and booked a Holland player.

But when he was presented with an identical scenario at the other end, he opted not to give Robben a free when no advantage accrued. This is because of a subconscious bias towards Spain. Villa is a nasty, diving cheat but gets nothing but praise. His exaggerated fall when tackled late (but innocuously) in the final was every bit as crude and nasty as what De Jong did.

Germany were the best team in the tournament.

The Germans were wrongly stripped of Muller for the Spain game (did you SEE the yellow cards he got? Compare these with what Spain got away with) and his absence contributed enormously to Spain’s win.

Spain, in contrast, had nobody suspended for the duration of the tournament. This is staggering considering that football has now descended into a farce where eleven serial cheats try to con each other out of the prize. Spain are as guilty as the next but never get punished.

I ask you : how could they possible NOT win it???!!!

Myles replies :

Muller’s ban was ridiculous, I agree. Nobody thought that was fair. And Germany missed him hugely.

Muller played with intelligence as well as pace and skilll, so he supplied a lot of end product.

He made his big tournament debut and played a huge role in getting Germany to the semi-final of the World Cup. Muller is far better than Milner, Walcott, Adam Johnson or any of England’s younger players. And so was Ozil.

Will the Barcelona/Spain team decline now?

How long will it be before Spain win their second World Cup?