ANR reply from Kyle Hartman: England fails to mention Players

England’s recently mentioned how it will improve its football set-up.

They didn’t even mention anything about players. Here are my thoughts.

It’s not about the attitude of ‘stick it up em’ and ‘ let em have it’ , a la Sam Allardyce or other English brutes.

England saw its fall from world superpower to world also-ran.

It settled. But like many with higher aspirations, totally fuzzled itself with its self-perception and notion of superiority. It thinks whatever it does is best and can’t be bothered to think otherwise.

Two excellent examples, Wembley and its current socio-economic status.

Wembley is the biggest construction farce since well, just about anything. The Chinese Olympics could put up roughly six of the same size stadia, at a quarter of the price and in less than four years.

England has the fattest, least-educated people of the developed world. Yes, the PIGS have their issues but have a way out. What did England do when an economic contraction occurred? Cut their most promising (and unsurprisingly, youngest) workforce. It’s a protection of the old guard. It’s the same issue they have in football.

The English simply refuse to acknowledge that someone young is good unless they have the stamp of approval from someone older (and frankly, British). I’m not going to dare to bring Theo Walcott in for mention, because he had poor form all year.

But I have a prime example of this, Gary Cahill, Michael Dawson and Ledley King.

Ledley King is a plonker. Fucking grade A plonker. Was crocked half the year, allegedly out there drinking his ass off but yet gets called up. While Gary Cahill on the other hand is a hell of a CB but isn’t even called up. Instead it’s Michael Dawson (repped by good ole boy Harry Redknapp) and King (good ole Harry again) instead of Cahill.

It’s the idea that the old know best. And England will suffer until they realize, the proof is in the pudding so to speak. Take your best 30. Wilshere might have even merited a spot. Sorry for the diatribe, but England annoys me.

Myles replies :

Don’t apologise, it’s an emotional game. You feel strongly about it, so do millions.

Yes, we are an ignorant country. We have always been ignorant and our ignorance will shine on through this young century.

Yes, we are ruled by selfish fools and knaves.

I used to feel strongly about the England team, then I gave up.

The Capello Index farce, before the World Cup, was the start of Myles giving up. But I rather misread that signal. I should have realised then that I should not predict : England will beat USA 2-1.

Sir Dave Richards?

What has Richards achieved? He ran Sheffield Wednesday. Where are they now?

He removed the option in Fabio Capello’s contract, where the FA could keep him or not. That was because Inter Milan came calling when Mourinho left them.

If England did well, and Capello left, the FA would be slaughtered. Given an impeccable qualifying campaign, when England reached South Africa with two games to spare, the FA did not want to show no faith in their manager just before the World Cup started. For the FA, that was awkward, a lose-lose situation.

The Sky-led agenda is now to blame Capello, because Sky have billions invested in the English icons they have created to entertain EPL fans all over the world :  Rooney, Lampard, Terry and Gerrard.

So The Sun, The Times and The Sunday Times can’t suddenly say : stop watching England’s over-rated bottlers, who can’t function without the quality foreigners who make them look good for their clubs.

Therefore they will blame Capello, who had no tournament experience at national level.

He also abandoned his own stated principles. The incompromising Italian said he would pick players on form and fitness and would not take injured players to a World Cup. Then he took loads of old crocks. He played 4-4-2, an obsolete system. And when Rooney was playing very badly, he continued to pick him. Fudge and compromise led to a very shabby Engand showing. 

That 4-1 spanking by Germany was our heaviest defeat in a major tournament.