Best Arsenal performance for weeks is enough in the San Siro

By Dan Ferguson

AC Milan 0 Arsenal 2

Good attacking start from both sides punctuated by really bad defending.

Plenty of chances in the first 10. Surprising I have to say.

Arsenal looking most likely to concede possession and a goal. Massive gaps in the Arsenal defence, but they always take a few minutes to settle in. Mustafi looks out of his depth again. What does Holding need to do to get a game?

Chambers tried to knock himself out on someone’s hip. Blooper time. Mustafi should not be allowed to pass the ball more than 10 feet. He is really unsure where the sweet spot of a ball is.

Welbeck is such a strange centre-forward. He really has no foot coordination and no anticipation. This makes him almost useless, but he chases so hard. On another note, what did Kolasinac do to make the Bundesliga team of the year? I just don’t get it.

All of a sudden Mkhitaryan scores on 14.

A nice passage of play with a heavy deflection. To be fair, after a good pass from Ozil, he turned inside and smacked the ball like all players shooting at goal should. 1-0

On 19 Kolasinac produces some outrageous footwork and skill. Maybe he did some ballet in a harmless part of the pitch and all the players in the German league thought he was nifty? I doubt it? He doesn’t defend well that’s for sure.

On 21 Ozil was fouled and I realised he isn’t playing in a forward line. He is quietly passing well when he gets it, but is sat very deep!

On 22 Mustafi produces a fabulous long pass under pressure. It looks like whoever I critique gets better. (Except Welbeck)

Back on forth for a bit with a lot of falling over.

Based on the first 30, Milan seem to think they are a lot better than they are playing. They are almost arrogant. Very odd. (Players are slipping so much)

Ramsey makes a silly fall/challenge on 35 that puts Arsenal under difficult pressure. Xhaka clears well from a really good free kick.

Mkhitaryan is by far Arsenal’s best player so far.

Lovely break and move from Arsenal on 39. They seem to be playing with belief and positivity so far.

Welbeck had a good chance on the real on 42. Of course he would miss but Milan are defending like they know he will miss. This won’t bode well for them. Arsenal still giving away bad free kicks but breaking so well. Mkhitaryan hits the bar on 46 and really should score.

Wilshere cheap with the ball and lucky on 47. Poor possession from Jack but then Milan show him how to be bad as a team. Arsenal seem very tired and Milan seem totally impetuous and don’t like doing the basics.

Ramsey scores on 49. Wow! Walked through the Milan defence. They are truly crap. I said it! Ozil slices them apart with a beautiful pass. They’d better shape up in the second half or Arsenal will win this 5-0.

That’s the best first half I’ve seen from Arsenal for weeks.

2nd half.

Welbeck chance on 49 was one of the most absurd in a showreel of absurd Welbeck chances. I cannot work him out. That was the funniest chance I’ve ever seen.

Milan should have scored on 51. They had a very direct chance but the shot  went over the bar. It has spurred them to life though. I hate to say this, but Xhaka is having a really good game so far.

Arsenal closing down much better than the previous few weeks but still have lapses. This game could turn any minute. Arsenal still very much a threat going forwards. Mustafi has now settled in this game. Bonnaventura keeps shooting from distance. “All day!” As they say on the terraces.

Kolasinac has had enough and seems to be injured. Replaced by AMN on 62. Milan try to go at AMN right away but he seems up for the task which is great. He has amazing shoulders.

Ramsey made such a cliched ‘high foot’ challenge which earns him a booking on 71. I guess the ref was reminding the players that a World Cup is coming and silly season decisions will be rife.

Milan still trying to make chances by kicking the ball really hard up front. They really aren’t good. Calabria is point in case. He kicks hard, and then screams like Marco Tardelli when the ball goes out of play.

Welbeck is crap. What can I say? He runs hard and falls over. He runs hard and trips people. He runs hard and the ball explodes in his face and goes wide. It just doesn’t work. He’s turning into an Ade Akenbiyi/Ronnie Rosenthal type.

Ozil comes off on 79 looking like thunder. He’s been anonymous in this second half. Milan still applying pressure through corners but they don’t seem to have anything strong enough to punish Arsenal. I can’t believe I wrote that. Wilshere is getting really leggy on 82. He looks shattered. Chambers is cramping and exposing our defence. Milan break immediately and have a good chance. Ospina was so fast off his line to clear. Well done, good reading of play.

Elneny replaces Chambers on 84. Good move as he’s run his socks off. The Milan defence is making Ramsey look fast on 86. That in itself is a feat. Arsenal is still getting a lot of space to attack on 88. Milan really don’t look too good with the ball.

Nice to see that Milan can still deceive the ref in 91. They have managed to find 9 minutes of injury time over the two halves.

Xhaka’s shot on 92 was enough to make Wenger explode. Yeah, yeah Arsene. He’d have to deface your bust and injure lots of French players before you even think about dropping him.

On 94 Welbeck breaks and shoots so badly and slow that he falls over and the keeper has to run towards the ball to collect it. He really is a GIF bank and a billionaire in that currency.

Arsenal wins 2-0. It was easy in the end. They played very well but I wonder how bad Milan actually were.

They showed so little through the middle and chased shadows when Arsenal broke. It was a strange thing to watch. Home advantage and away goals in the bank. Credit where it is due.

I am posting this before I witness Wenger’s semi-smug assessment. No thanks.

Myles adds:

Atletico Madrid are favourites for the Europa Cup. 

They beat Lokomotiv Moscow 3-0 last night.

Atletico have Diego Costa, Griezmann,Koke and Saul, who scored with a 35-yard rocket.

Fiery coach Diego Simeone demands intensity. Always. 

Can’t see this Arsenal beating Atletico over two legs or in a final.