Australian Gooner saw Besiktas for £20 & says Arsenal will have no problems

From Will : That Arsenal ‘experience’ without being in the ground

Hi Myles,

just writing in reply to Sundeep’s £139 Arsenal ticket opportunity, following the other recent ticket-related posts you’ve put up.

I’m an Australian Gooner and last year had a fantastic time living in London for 6 months.

My girlfriend and I stayed in a flat between Kilburn and Queen’s Park, and I was so thrilled to be a ~40 minute or so tube trip away from Arsenal station, I was disappointed (but not necessarily shocked) that the cheapest tickets I could find for a home match started from 200 quid!

I mean, I knew that they’d be expensive, but not THAT expensive!

Never ended up seeing a match live while I was over there, but in hindsight I’m rather surprised that I have absolutely no regrets either…

Like you say, experiencing matches in a pub (and at a reasonable timeslot, compared to 1 or 4am in the mornings back here) made it wonderful, and that, coupled with the daily banter with my colleagues and having a great sunny day walking around the Emirates and the streets around the old Highbury the day Dennis Bergkamp unveiled his statue, is just about all I could ask for in an ‘Arsenal experience’ without having to feel like I’d been fleeced for the privilege.

Great new stadium, sure, but the little family-run market stalls out the front of the terraced houses selling old matchday programs next to it, along with seeing all those generations of local supporters, were the defining images.

If anything, it just made me regretful that I never got to watch a match in Highbury – now that would’ve been something (and worth parting with the cash without hesitation).

P.S. One place we did get to see a game was in Istanbul right at the end of last season: at Besiktas.

Tickets worked out to be about 20 quid or so where my gf and I sat through an incredibly dull 0-0, and just about managed to avoid a crush while exiting the stadium when staff initially refused to let us out early in fear of ticketless mobs rushing in to cause trouble at the end of games.

Great atmosphere overall though – especially loved the curved tea glasses and sunflower seed packets in place of beer and chips – and the small pocket of teenaged wannabe-hooligans were nice enough to let us out before they charged in.

Anyway, based on that game, and what I saw of Besiktas for the few weeks afterwards, Arsenal shouldn’t have any trouble.

Hope that hasn’t jinxed them.

Cheers, and keep up the great work.

Myles says:

Encouraging to learn that wannabe hooligans in Istanbul are reasonably polite.

Boys will be boys in any country, I guess.

Kilburn & Queens Park is our side of town, Will, so you were using the good old-new Jubilee Line.

16th August 2014