Kiev aftermath: Against Sergio Ramos, you need a guy like Zlatan

From Depeche Mode:

Last year he did it to Cuadrado.

This year Salah and Mane.

Now videos have surfaced that he elbowed the keeper.

Sergio Ramos might be a great defender but there is one thing he will never get : ‘class’. The guy is an absolute thug. YouTube is full of videos of him play-acting , kicking and hurting players . Almost all of those videos show him trying to end Messi’s career by going for Messi’s legs .

Real Madrid may have won 3 Champions Leagues and written themselves into the history books but as a society have we become so obsessed with money , winning and history books that we allow thuggery.

As an idealist my priorities in life are slowly changing from finding joy in art, building something efficient and beautiful, to using my talents to counter men like Trump , Ramos, Duda .

The sort of men who muddy the waters so much or make things so grey that you wouldn’t remember right from wrong. The world is slowly changing into this cynical place and the artists, the makers , the visionaries should be more concerned with countering the men trying to pull them down and hurting them.

Zidane’s brand of football as a coach is the opposite of Zidane the player. I think he brings a lot from his Juventus playing days, many of the dark arts of Italian football .

That’s why you always need a Zlatan Ibrahimovich.  For men like Ramos to be countered.

Myles says:

Thanks, Depeche.

You know more about what’s going on than I do.