Let’s sing this Amy Winehouse song for Unai Emery

From John Froud

New manager song for Unai Emery next season.

As per “Valerie – Amy Winehouse”.

Hopefully being sung at the Emirates by Xmas.

Well sometimes when were playing at home

And I look across the terrace

And I think of all the things, you’re doing

And in my head we’ll win a trophy!

Cause before you came along

When our club was in a mess

And we haven’t missed old Arsène

And the fact he didn’t press

Then you came on over

Then you came on over Emery!

Then you came on over Emery!

Ha ha – Don’t shoot me Gooners!


From Lee Fox:

Just read your article about the new manager needing to tighten the defence. Agree with this.

Most of us realise that the bones of the squad are OK – with some coaching (let alone quality coaching) combined with better match prep and tactical nous, we will see a more robust and competitive team. And that is what most of us have been wanting to see for years.

It’s an exciting time and I think the lack of mocking texts and messages from friends who support other teams is telling.
Certainly like what we have seen so far with this power change. We actually seem to appear to be a functional club once more.
Thanks for taking the time to write ANR though – always enjoy getting your take on all things, especially football.
Myles says :
Thanks, Lee.
I’ve been blogging less because I’m busy with music memoirs.
And, in the last two weeks, family.