Metronome Arteta has become so important

From Kevin:

Is Arteta Arsenal’s metronome?

Myles says:

Yes, yes,yes.

Every manager needs reliable team players and Mikel Arteta has been a godsend this year. Since Song was sold, Arteta has adapted his game, played deeper, got on with the job,  put his foot in, and used the ball beautifully. He’s an example to the others and that’s why he’s been made vice-captain.

He is proud to be vice-captain and said the other day that he takes that job very seriously. We don’t doubt that.

Every footballer is different, so I can’t say he’s like Makele, like Gilberto, or like Don Masson at QPR in 1976. 

Arteta is Arteta and long may he reign. A strategic football brain and a fine technician who hit the shot that mattered when Man City came to town last season. I was there that day and as the game went on we were all wandering whether this would be a one-goal game, so  it was a real thrill to see  Arteta’s shot rocketing into the net.

Sometimes one goal is enough and it doesn’t matter who scores it. Or how late it comes. And that vital goal, among other things, proves that this cool guy from Spain is much more than a metronome.