Neville | Manager odds | Xhaka

Gary Neville talks sense when he says turning Arsenal around after Arsene Wenger will take time and patience.

The more fans understand this – the quicker the turnaround will be.

“Great coaches will come into Arsenal and struggle to change things there. We’ve seen that at Manchester United when Sir Alex Ferguson left.

“Ferguson and Wenger were the leaders at those clubs. It’s going to take time and there needs to be patience shown at Arsenal. Manchester United and Arsenal are both big clubs, huge clubs, and they will get back, the cycle will turn.”

In terms of Emery’s task, turning it around by the New Year – there’s a seemingly easier period of games – Southampton, Norwich, Brighton and West Ham and then a tough one – Man City, Chelsea and Man U on New Year’s Day.

Meanwhile, assuming the worst, Ladbrokes has produced an odds list for the next Arsenal manager: 4/1 – Jose Mourinho; 6/1 Luis Enrique; 7/1 – Freddie Ljungberg; 8/1 – Mikel Arteta;10/1 – Massimiliano Allegri; 12/1 – Brendan Rodgers; 12/1 – Patrick Vieira; 16/1 – Arsene Wenger; 20/1 – Nuno Espirito Santo; 25/1 – Eddie Howe; 33/1 – Thierry Henry; 100/1 – Tony Adams.

Granit Xhaka is reported to have said that ‘the incident’ has now been ‘dealt with’ and has vowed to ‘keep fighting and putting myself out there in every training’. So there’s a route to potential legendary status there.