Ramos? What about the media’s rose-tinted coverage of Liverpool fans?

From James LeBlanc: 

All this ‘bleeding heart’ media reporting is so tedious.

It’s all about the ‘robbed’ ‘thuggishly treated’ poor heroic Liverpool FC.

One would think that Liverpool were the first team ever to have a player leave the field injured due to a foul by the opposition!

It seems it can only be that the exaggerated glory glory reporting upon good moments, irrespective of any good luck they receive & the sympathetic pandering to them upon bad moments is symptomatic of treading on eggshells in their regard after the furore over the Sun newspaper’s headlines & reporting of the Hillsborough Disaster.

Their fans deserved far heavier criticism for the cowardly attack on the Manchester City team bus & UEFA should have imposed a stiff punishment on the club.

A chorus of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ from their fans & they are deified with such despicable incidents glossed over & brushed aside for fear of reprisals.

Which team’s fans cause more problems & damage on their visits to the Emirates?

Tottenham? Not guilty. it is Liverpool including the familiar attempts to enter the stadium with 2 per 1 turnstile click.

Injuries due to so called ‘thuggery’ (far worse than the Salah/Ramos incident) are not a new occurrence & Red Cards are not dished out because the victim of a foul leaves the field with an injury.

All teams do it (apart from these days soft Arsenal) & in fact straight from kick off a Liverpool player bundled Ronaldo over the touchline.

From an Arsenal perspective. I can immediately think of 4 players in the not distant past that were the victim of far worse ‘thuggery’ which had long-term negative impact on the careers.

Abou Diaby was the victim of a shocking two-footed lunge from Dan Smith of Sunderland that went unpunished. Smith was so poor that you cannot even call him a nondescript journeyman. Look up his pathetic career record on Wikipedia. The result was that Diaby has had an injury ravaged unfulfilled career due to the physiological subsequent damage that plagued him.

So sad as he truly could have been a World star.

For years it had been said that Arsenal lacked a ‘Fox in the Box’ & after the Francis Jeffers failure, it looked like we had hit the jackpot with the signing of the unassuming efficient dead eye Eduardo. The obvious great future for the player was literally shattered by the studs up above shin high lunge of Martin Taylor. The long recovery road followed by a struggle to return to the same level saw him sadly depart.

Aaron Ramsey had his leg horrifyingly smashed by Ryan Shawcross & has creditably returned to a high level of performance though he is prone to regular minor injury breakdowns.

It seems a common theme that players who suffer devastating long-term injuries do seem after recovery to be affected in a negative physiological way.

Incredibly in the immediate aftermath of both Eduardo & Aaron Ramsey’s injuries, the media were sympathetic to the 2 transgressors so they were effectively victims as well.

Mathieu Debuchy shepherded the ball out for a goal kick in a home match versus Stoke City when Marko Arnautovic who had no chance of retrieving the ball then unnecessarily shoved him into the advertising hoarding resulting in a dislocated shoulder & several months on the sidelines. As a result Hector Bellerin broke into the team & doing very well back then that effectively killed off Debuchy’s Arsenal career which was unfortunate as he had been a reliable consistent performer.

A suggestion I would have to substantially reduce serious injuries due to ‘Thuggery’ &/or ‘Reckless/Dangerous play’ would be for game bans for the transgressors that match the long term absences of the victims.

This could be policed by an appointed FA team of both an experienced Football Medic & a Football Fitness Expert who could determine when a player is fit to play again irrespective of the club’s desire not to rush the injured player back to action & if the path back into the team is inhibited by a replacement who is difficult to displace.

Jurgen Klopp has been the recipient of gushing plaudits since his arrival at Liverpool & he is charismatic & likeable.

The goalkeeper Karius however is HIS man & the 2 shockers last Saturday were not isolated mistakes by reliable goalkeeper.

Both Karius & Mignolet have made frequent errors & Klopp should have brought in a higher quality No.1 last Summer. His failure to do so should have resulted in criticism by the media. Instead of the constant ‘rose-tinted’ treatment of Liverpool FC by the media, there should be fair & balanced reporting.

I live in unrealistic hope going forward .

Myles says:

I don’t follow media coverage of football in as much detail as you do, James.

ANR is about what I think, what my friends think, what our readers think.

Yes, Klopp IS charismatic but he’s now lost six cup finals.

Myself, I can’t see Karius playing for Liverpool again.