Wenger won’t stay if AC Milan knock us out comfortably

From Andy Pinker:

Hey Myles,

I was hoping Josh might do something.

Then I read on Le Grove, that he’s been praising Le Fraud .

Can’t believe he’ll stay after AC Milan knock us out comfortably.

Great letter from Martin, he talks about the mid 70’s and an empty Highbury…..but it was 50p to get in the Clock End then.

As for AW and Real Madrid, yes he’d probably have been given 2 years back in the day. But no more. Better to stay at Arsenal for the unlimited power and salary,

But does any sane person think that he would get any kind of decent job for the last 10 years?

Surely Wenger is aware of how bad a manager he now is ?

He has to be, Myles. Surely?

Myles says:

He isn’t, Andy.

If Annie was still around, she would tell him.

David Dein fell out with him two years ago. Although they still speak.

Can’t comment on AC Milan because they’ve slipped off my radar.