Why Arsenal v Newcastle will not be a goal festival

A draw would be a good result for Rafa Benitez tonight.

Rafa is realistic and well aware that Newcastle have won only two away games. They’re 14th with 35 points.

Fifth-placed Arsenal have 60 points, same as Chelsea, who have played a game more.

Sky’s Monday Night football is an 8pm kick-off.

I’m half-expecting a one-goal game.

If it’s the tactical contest that many expect, an early goal might not change the pattern of the match that much.

Enjoyed Balague’s interview with Unai Emery, even though it didn’t tell us a lot.

“This process needs time.”
Very true.
“Did you adapt to the players”

Emery also said, “Generally, we are being very competitive.”

Absolutely! Arsenal will have to be very competitive all through 2020 to get back into the Champions League.

When that happens, it’s another beginning.

Because, I reckon, half the teams in the Champions League are far superior to any of those in the Europa League, so navigating your way out of a Group will be a serious challenge for Emery’s new team.

Spurs have done OK in the Group Stages since Pochettino took them into competition with the big boys. His Tottenham managed to learn quickly, to improve in leaps and bounds.

Let’s hope Arsenal, suitably reinforced by then, can do the same.