Will over-rated Fabregas & Chelsea come up short?

From Julius Kjulz: Chelsea & Fabregas

Hello Myles,

I read an article in the BBC website where an overwhelming majority of pundits seem to believe Chelsea will win the title.

I was thinking to myself : Mourinho only knows counter attack ‘two buses\’ brand football.

Even with Diego Costa, do not be surprised if he continues playing the same tactics that saw Hazard call him out.

Fabregas could not hold a position in a Barcelona team with aging midfielders and only managed to come in as a substitute with Spain.

I totally support Wenger\’s decision to snub him.

He has no pace and his ball control is nowhere near as good as Ozil’s. Yes he has that grit to grind out and fight for a win a little more than Ozil but so do 95% of Premiership players.

Everyone keeps talking of his passing and vision and how that will be the killer blow Chelsea were lacking last season.

Well, Barcelona and Wenger disagree and I agree with them. In any case for that to be a valid point it would require Chelsea to reorganize their play and go through Fabregas the way Arsenal did with him.

The only issue with that is what then do they do with Oscar and Hazard?

And JM being a defensive-minded manager, is he going to play Hazard, Oscar, Fabregas & Diego Costa in the same team?

I’m sure that’s what Abramovich wants to see but I am positive Mourinho will find an excuse to play Obi Mikel, Ramires and Matic instead. It is just who he is.

AT the end of the season Roman Abramovich will be trying to get Pep Guardiola to go to Chelsea.

Pep can manage the types of players they have not JM.

If Arsene gets proper cover in defence and midfield, Arsenal will be Champions.

Myles says:

Mid-August is too early for me to preview the season, Julius

Incomplete squads give me too little information.

Right now, on August 16, Van Gaal still has Jones, Smalling and Evans as his centrebacks!!!

Felipe Luis is  wonderful left back who didn’t find favour in Big Phil’s Brazil team.

But we all saw that Phil had completely lost the plot.

Didi Hamann says Diego Costa will not be able to bully centrebacks in the Premier League, as he did in Spain.

Didi may be right about that. Or not.

I reckon Diego Costa will be effective – and controversial.

And I rate Fabregas far more highly than you do.

Fabregas is a man with a point to prove.

He is a goalmaker-goalscorer who sees things so early that he always has options.

Hazard is a different animal because he’s a dribbling playmaker who scores goals.

Fabregas is a passing playmaker who scores goals.

Can’t see Manchester City having the consistency  to retain the title, even with their very strong squad.

They will aim at a Champions League semi-final.

And that’s difficult to achieve.

I fancy Chelsea because of their new players, and Matic.


If Fabregas  and Diego Costa both start 30 league games, Chelsea might be Champions again.